About Foxlife

Having laid the foundations in the year 1999 to meet the basic needs and requirements of Consumers to carry out the production, packaging and distributing the Market Products providing solution to daily needs, the GALAKSI LTD. which carried out the production and marketing activities aimed at Market and Retail Points with its product range of 6 categories and many different products, is continuing its activities in its sector within a very rooted and institutional development trend.

With its professionally working staff, in the successful adventure of marketing, distribution and production, assuming all as a whole from the material quality to transportation, from the technological and International standards to employers’ quality within the Total Quality Sensibility, GALAKSI LTD. is applying a process in all Sales, Distribution and Marketing phases which is highly advanced and having international accreditation.

Filling an important gap in its sector with more than 6 categories and different products in as a result of that successful development, GALAKSI LTD. has been realizing the quality control in its entire works from the beginning of the production and supply. In our company, following the Consumers’ demands without cease and making the product developments which could satisfy those expectations continuously, our main principle is the definitive customer satisfaction based on persistence.

Our company which deems the human and the responsibility to human being as its primary element is also feeling the right proud of carrying the brand FOXLIFE out of the country borders, thus becoming a global player, through its exportation it realized to Europe, Middle east, Africa, and Balkan states.

Our company will keep increasingly its studies it put forth alongside with the product and approach difference and the responsibility insight brought by it.